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How to Keep Your Patio Pavers Looking Great at All Times



Patio pavers provide undeniable advantages you should make the most of. They look great, they can last forever and they can optimise garden space more than you expect. However, patio pavers need special maintenance, so that the installation can stay beautiful and durable in the long run. Read on to discover the best care tips for long-lasting patio pavers:

Choose installation by a pro

  • Pavers installation is among those many gardening tasks you can turn into an exciting DIY project. However, when it comes to longevity and durability, working with a pro is your best bet. Patio pavers can last for years thanks to their enduring structure, yet the way you have your stones installed matters a lot. Moreover, a professional could be by your side for every step of the process, including the design of your paved space. So instead of risking both the looks and the quality of the paved patio, choose to hire expert help. Doing so will help you to make the most of the space, enjoying a perfect installation for years ahead.


  • Think about the area around the patio
    Whether you decide to work with a pro or you prefer designing the patio by yourself, the area surrounding the patio pavers might dictate the longevity of the installation. For that reason, you need to think in advance before surrounding the patio pavers with beautiful flowers or brick paver walls. First, think about foot traffic in and out of the house and try to find a solution that is beneficial for both friends and family and the pavers themselves. Second, be careful if you opt for plants bordering patio pavers. Such landscape approaches certainly look amazing, but the roots of some plants might damage the paved installation, once they grow super big, especially the roots of some tree species. In a word, to keep patio pavers in top shape in the future, choose wisely bordering elements. If you hesitate about what’s best for your pavers, consult with the pros for smart recommendations.

Remember to clean patio pavers

  • Just like any surface indoors, the outdoor area needs regular cleanups to stand the test of time. Stick to this idea regarding your patio pavers, so that you can extend their longevity and preserve them ideally looking. What’s great about paved surfaces is that they don’t require lots of time and effort to be kept sparkly clean. You also don’t need special cleaning tools to do the job right. All that is necessary to eliminate dirt and debris from the patio pavers are tools you already have in your garden shed – a hose and a broom you use to sweep outdoor space. Once a week, grab your cleaning supplies and go over the paved surfaces to get rid of buildup grime. If there was a nasty storm last night, don’t wait too long before cleaning the patio pavers. The sooner you address dirt and stains, the easier they will come off, thus preserving the best looks of your patio.


  • Eliminate weeds naturally
    With the weather getting warmer, weeds are likely to invade your patio space. While the issue is not one you would gladly tolerate, do your best to avoid the application of chemical-based weed killers. Although the durability of pavers is notorious, some harsh toxic products might affect the surface, causing staining or discolouration. To avoid that, opt for weed killing manners that involve no chemicals. You can pull weeds out by hand or use a weed knife to deal with the task faster. Either way, steer clear of aggressive products to extend the lifespan of patio pavers.


Patio pavers can be extremely durable and beautiful, as long as you stick to these clever maintenance tips.


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