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December 2022
text: Composting With Coffee Grounds
If you have a coffee machine at home, you already know how many coffee grounds you need to go through weekly. Coffee grounds ...
text: Landscaping Ideas for the Perfect Garden
Designing or even redesigning your garden can be an exciting and fun activity, but it also comes with unique challenges. You ...
September 2022
text: Tips For Patio Care And Maintenance in the Summer
First, you must understand the difference between patio, porch and deck. In other words, we will discuss the difference betwe...
July 2022
text: Most Important Tips to Keep the Patio Clean in the Summer
First, you must understand three terms: patio, porch and deck. In this article, we will know the difference between these ter...
June 2022
text: How to Keep Your Patio Pavers Looking Great at All Times
Patio pavers provide undeniable advantages you should make the most of. They look great, they can last forever and they can o...
April 2022
text: 4 Pond Maintenance Tips to Consider in Spring
What is that special addition to your garden that brings the space closer to nature? If you enjoy a beautiful pond in your ga...
January 2022
text: 5 Garden Maintenance Tasks you have to Address in January
As an avid gardener, you are well-aware of all the tasks that should be tackled during the warm months when your garden is su...
November 2021
text: 6 Garden Jobs you Should Deal with this Month
With the cold winter getting closer and closer, a lot of gardening tasks are waiting for you to tackle. Heavy rain, fallen le...
September 2021
text: 5 Tips on Laying Down Paving Slabs like a Pro
Do you want to give your outdoor space a full makeover by laying down paving slabs? The good news is, this is a task you can ...
August 2021
text: 6 Gardening Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Features
Lots of people rely on outdoor water features to improve the appearance of their backyard spaces. A beautiful artificial pond...
June 2021
text: 5 Landscaping Hacks to Sell your House in No Time
If you think about it, the exterior of your house is first to notice by everyone - your friends, neighbours or potential buye...
May 2021
text: 5 Basic Tips for Keeping your Trees Healthy
When trees become part of your garden, your picturesque backyard space will finally look complete. Well-cared trees are all y...
February 2021
text: 6 Tips that will Make your First Veggie Garden a True Success
Do you wonder how to get the most of your huge garden space? Starting a veggie garden is the perfect solution for any homeown...
May 2020
text: How Do you Take Care of your Patio Furniture?
No matter how costly or how cheap you may have acquired your patio furniture, one thing is certain. You would want it to last...
September 2019
text: Create the Garden of Your Dreams - Four Landscape Tips for Beginner Gardeners
Everyone loves landscaping or at least thinks that this is the case. Most of us have been dreaming during the entire life to ...