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5 Tips on Laying Down Paving Slabs like a Pro


Do you want to give your outdoor space a full makeover by laying down paving slabs? The good news is, this is a task you can surely handle on your own. Still, to achieve optimal results and create a beautiful patio in the backyard, certain steps need to be taken into consideration. Follow these smart tips experts strongly believe in, so that you can lay down paving slabs like a real professional:


  • Make the right choice - contrary to the common belief that choosing the slabs is the easiest part of the patio makeover, you shouldn't rush into making a decision. Keep in mind that paving slabs vary a lot in terms of colours, materials and finishes, which is why a swift decision is a no-go. Furthermore, don't forget that transforming your outdoor space doesn't happen that often and the results of the undertaking will probably stay in your backyard for years ahead. So, take your time and choose paving slabs carefully. Whether you intend to use just a single shade or you prefer a colourful solution, this is a decision you need to think through.


  • Test the slabs - as you have already purchased your paving slabs, you might want to start laying them right away, but this is another step you should not rush into. First, test your slabs. You can lay them down, but it is important not to fix them down immediately. Once paving slabs have been fixed to the ground, corrections are extremely tough to make. To make the most of your efforts, lay the slabs down and before fixing them, take a good look at the overall vision of the patio. Chances are, measuring mistakes come to the surface or you simply dislike the pattern you have created. If you are lucky enough to be happy with the pattern, take a picture of it, so that everything can go as planned when you start to fix down the slabs. This rule is really important when it comes to multi-coloured paving slabs.


  • Consider whether conditions - laying down paving slabs is an outdoor task that should be carried out when it is dry outside. Before you set a day for starting with the project, make sure pouring rain is not in the forecast for a few days ahead. Your job includes working with dried sand, which is why appropriate weather conditions are crucial.


  • Collect your tools - just like any other DIY project, laying down paving slabs requires certain tools to be available. Surely the must-have equipment depends on the specifics of your project, but several tools have to be at your disposal for a job well done. As already mentioned, dried sand should be provided when laying down paving slabs by yourself. Cement, as well as some building sand, should be available as well. An off-cut piece of timer and a long timber straight edge is also needed for you to tackle the task like a pro.


  • Take safety measures - there are so many DIY projects that are simple to handle and no physical effort is involved, yet laying paving slabs is not one of these undertakings. The sand, the cement or even the paving slabs themselves are really heavy and taking safety measures is a step you should never underestimate. Before starting with the real job, make sure you wear appropriate shoes - the kind that is not slippery and you feel comfortable in, having steel toe caps is even better. Wearing quality gloves is also crucial to protect your skin when picking up heavy materials or mixing concrete.


Laying down paving slabs is a quite demanding DIY job you can handle when relying on these tips. Keep all of them in mind, so that you can enjoy a picture-perfect patio.


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