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Create the Garden of Your Dreams - Four Landscape Tips for Beginner Gardeners



Everyone loves landscaping or at least thinks that this is the case. Most of us have been dreaming during the entire life to have a beautiful small sunny house surrounded by an unbelievably gorgeous garden. One thing is sure - this is the plus of the house. You are allowed to do everything with it, no matter how different or strange it will look. You can plant a baobab for example (good luck growing it) or create an entire garden similar to the flora found in films like Jurassic Park.

Landscaping is indeed a way to express yourself in the garden. However, the task is not that simple as it seems and most beginner gardeners come to this conclusion when it's too late. It is not all about plants. There is furniture, decorations, edgings and so on. Randomly placing them will produce even more work in the future. An order that seems reasonable to you, maybe disastrous for the entire garden. 

Of course, no one has been born with that knowledge. With a couple of tips, some luck and outstanding dedication to the entire process, you may achieve some admirable results. Below you will find some of the most common things to follow right after the moment you started creating the garden of your dreams.

  1. As mentioned earlier, plants are only small parts of the entire picture. There are indeed important (imagine a garden without them), but to achieve more than average results, you will need some creativity. You will need some fences, a couple of plant pots and patio furniture. You will also want to get to them easily without destroying everything on your way, so pathways/sidewalks are a must. All of these will bring additional charisma to the garden and will give you a pretty solid base for some design experiments.

  2. Plan the landscaping with functionality in mind. Most of the gardens you see on the Internet are crowded with flowers. Unfortunately, most of them are either fictional or require an entire squad to take care of them. Sit down and think if you want to put those two trees at the two corners of the yard. How about placing them near each other and placing a hammock between them? This way, you will create a neat place to relax while keeping the initial idea. You can also replace some of the "flower" fields with some vegetables or edible shrubs like currants for example.

  3. Keep maintainability in mind. People are often taking spontaneous decisions when choosing what kind of plants will live in their backyard. It may seem easy to grow five different types of flowers, but the reality will probably stress you enough to wave the white flag. Consider using plant types that can easily survive conditions like drought or high humidity. This will increase the chances of maintaining a gorgeous garden.

  4. Keep in mind that this is a long process that lasts many weeks, months and even years. Landscaping the backyard in a way that reflects your needs will probably last longer than you expected when you started. While fences and furniture can be easily bought at the local shop or via the Internet, growing plants cannot be a speeded-up that easily unless you are a magician. Everything requires time, especially during the first two or three months. Spend some of your free time after work to buy all the needed pieces. Set aside some weekends (or at least some part of them) for the initial heavy work like mulching and planting. 


Landscaping the garden the way you imagined it inside your head requires a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance throughout a more extended period. You will make mistakes, but the important part is to learn from them and encourage yourself each time something like this happens. Be convinced in your work and soon you will enjoy the view you have ever dreamed of.


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