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7 Landscaping Tips from the Pros to Adopt Right Now



If you have a garden space in your home, you will do well to address the landscaping aspect of it. With good landscape design, you can add not just appeal to the area, but also great utility. Sadly, not everyone is an expert on the matter of designing and maintaining a good landscape.

However, there are actual ways you can give your efforts a big boost. You just have to follow certain tips and guidelines outlined by the pros:

1. Planning for year-round appeal 

If you are interested in having some year-round appeal, then you can include evergreens to your garden. Because they constantly provide colour and cover, you can rely on them even in the winter. Many landscapers believe that by placing evergreens near the house, you can easily soften the corners of the building and make it more inviting. This is especially useful when you are aiming to curb appeal.

2. Build a walkway between points of interest

If you don’t have a walkway between the areas you most often visit, you are soon going to trample your lawn. Dead grass is hardly your idea of beautiful landscape design, so instead put a nice walkway made with natural flagstone, concrete stepping stones or decorative brick. Of course, these are just a few examples of material you can use for your walkways. You can use whatever fits the design best: it is the idea of pulling the most important elements together.

3. A berm can bring a corner to life 

Building a berm is a good way of adding some interest to an otherwise monotonous landscape. A berm is essentially a mound, which you can then cover with a flower or a rock garden. That way you can make a plain lawn look amazing, without really taking much of the area for this purpose.

4. Make your water feature look more natural 

Water features add great ambience and feel to the garden. If you have one such feature, you are definitely paying attention to the latest trends and design recommendations for your landscape. However, the presence of just about any water feature doesn’t cut it. You need one that looks natural and blends in with the overall look of the garden. Thus, you can add natural stone to build up the feature in such a way to achieve this goal. Make sure not to overdo it, however, as that could mean it ruins the effect.

5 Get the seating area in check 

Having a patio right next to your lawn sure is great, especially if it retains some privacy when next to trees and tall flowers. Make sure it has furniture that feels comfortable to you. A lot of people don’t consider benches, but that is, in fact, a wonderful way to read a book or just hang out outside of your home when the weather is good.

6. Use different plants

When it comes to plants, you must know they all work very well when they are of a different variety. By combining several types that have different blooming periods, you ensure that you have something beautiful on display whole year long.

7. Go for curves instead of straight lines 

When it comes to installing the edging, always remember that curved lines are much better than straight lines. That way, you add some character to the area and make it much more interesting to look at. Remember, the edging is there no less than 12 months a year, so make sure it is attractive to look at.

By following these simple rules, you can easily upgrade your landscape design and make it truly outstanding.

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