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Add interest to your landscape with these 6 features

If you think that getting the perfect landscaped garden is all about having the right plants, you are wrong. Sure, it is nice to have beautiful plants around the place, but garden features make a significant impact as well. Not only will you considerably diversify the place, but also add some practical uses to different areas of it, which is great. Here are a few top recommendations to that end by expert landscape gardeners:

  • Paths – by laying paths in your garden, you better define the boundaries of the different areas and grant access to them. At the very least, your garden must have one path, but more of them serve a better practical purpose.
  • Additionally, they are a prominent feature, which can quickly boost the look of the place. The good thing about paths is that you can choose from a variety of materials – concrete pavers, bricks, gravel and even grass. If you take the time to pick the material to correspond to your surrounding landscape, you can surely create a beautiful feature in the garden.
  • Water feature – if you are a fan of the sight and sound of water, then a water feature might be the right thing to include in your garden. Some features move water, such as fountains and features that have still water, like ponds. If there are slopes in the area, you can create waterfalls. You don’t necessarily require ample space, as many of these features come in a compact size that fits any garden. Remember, a water feature needs plenty of care and maintenance, so be sure you are ready to provide it if you are getting one.
  • Rockeries – a rock garden is always an attractive sight for the eyes. You can design one such on level ground as well as on slopes. The goal is to keep a natural look of the place so be sure to use materials native to your region.
  • Bridges – whether you have a water feature or not, you can always build a bridge in the garden. You can even purchase a built one and install it where you think it will best serve its purpose. Make sure the construction material fits the style of the garden.
  • Garden structure - trellises, pergolas and arches work well with fences and walls. All of these features can be tailored to fit your gardening style and personal needs. The best part about them is that they are not only visually pleasing but serve practical purposes as well.
  • Garden furniture – seating options are a great addition to every garden out there. This is especially the case if you get plenty of good weather throughout the year and experience the outdoors. Be sure to pick a style of furniture that suits the rest of the place, such as rustic style or a more modern look.

There are plenty of options you can resort to boost the look of your garden. It is up to you to pick what works best for you and the place.

It is always a good idea to improve the look of your landscape. That is why we at Fast Landscape Gardening are always ready to assist. Give us a call on 020 3322 6097 for additional details.


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